A Shot for More Profit

My family and I have always been stanch supporters of the 2nd Amendment. It is my right as an American to own and use guns to hunt and protect my family. I think guns are very necessary for survival and defense. I also understand that gun ownership also comes responsibly. I know that people have to make smart decisions about using guns. As the owner of a gun shop, I have to make sure the right people have guns. I have recently decided to sell 2nd amendment shirts at my shop. I think it will positively support gun ownership in a positive light.

Guns have always have always been a very important part of my life. A gun saved my father’s life when he was in the military. He had to defend himself against enemies of America that tried to kill him. When I was younger, my grandfather took me hunting with him. He used to hunt deer, possums, raccoons, and rabbits. We would take them back home and my grandmother cleaned and cooked the meat. She made rabbit stew,roasted possum and deer. Those meals were so delicious. I had so many fond memories of those days. I would love to have the memories with my children.

Recently, a gun saved my life. I was home asleep and I heard a noise downstairs. I heard who footsteps in my home. I knew something bad was about to happen. I had my gun prepared and ready to go. I crept downstairs and saw two burglars in my home. They tried to attack me, but I drew my gun. The two burglars ran outside scared. I was so thankful for my gun.

I know that selling the shirts in my store will be benefitial. I want people to see sugs as a positive and not a negative.