An Apartment for Me and My Sister

My sister and I each have our own apartment right now. We were talking not that long ago how much we are each paying for a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment, and then we wondered if we would not only save money but have a lot more common space if we got a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment together. We started looking online to see if it would be to our benefit to get an apartment together, and that is how we were able to experience Murano in Orlando. Murano Apartments are right in the city, not far from where we both work.

The great thing about it is that they are not even open yet, but they are taking applications. We both got our apartments around the same time, so our leases are going to run out in the middle of summer. These apartments are going to be ready for rent around the same time, which means we would not have to sign another lease on the apartments that we currently have. Even better, we were able to look at the floor plans of all of the apartments, and we both found one that we just fell in love with.

It has two bedrooms, and each bedroom has an attached bathroom. Of course, if we have guests over, they would have to use one of the bathrooms in our rooms, but neither of us minded that. The bedrooms are on opposite sides of the apartment, so we would both have a lot of privacy too. The kitchen and living room are both huge, and there is even a balcony that my sister said I could have since she doesn’t really like heights all that much. It is just perfect for us, and we are both really excited to move there this summer!