Best Gifts I Have Given My Dad

One thing each child struggles with no matter how old is what to buy their dad as a gift, be it for father’s day or for his birthday or even Christmas. That’s several gifts per year and it’s not always easy to find something you know he will like. Interests help. Like he loves football so one time I got him Direct TV NFL Sunday Ticket. He really did love that. Sure he will always pretend he likes it but you tend to know when he really doesn’t. I bought him a replacement mug once because he loved it so much but it was chewed up and kina broken. He didn’t seem thrilled but said he liked it. I think he had an emotional attachment to the old one.

So even knowing what he likes won’t always help you find the best gift. One year I bought my father a case of his favorite beer for father’s day. Another Christmas I bought him a wine making kit since he liked doing that and hadn’t for awhile. He also often talked of an old jug he used to use and missed having. I finally saw one for sale one year and bought it. He only used it once but he was very happy to have it. Of course making something will always work even as an adult if you can find nothing else. He will always appreciate when I put that kind of effort into something. Of course it helps that I do have some artistic abilities.

I also like to buy him things he needs but won’t buy, like clothes. He never likes to buy any new clothes till his are falling apart so I buy him shirts or get him gift cards to clothing stores to help force him to take care of himself.