Best Option for Great Hair

You want to look your best. I know I do. I start with my hair, which used to look like an unruly mop. Thanks to real russian hair extensions, I now look fabulous.

Have you ever seen someone with cancer who has gone through chemotherapy and lost their hair? I’m not talking about them being bald, but seeing them when their hair is just starting to grow back and it looks clumpy and very uneven and just pathetic. That’s what happened to me minus the cancer part. I’ve got alopecia, a disease which is a real problem. Thanks to real russian hair extensions, I now look like a supermodel! You can’t tell I’ve got a disease that destroys my hair. It’s hidden away thanks to the extensions.

I was skeptical at first until I tried them on. I thought they looked fabulous, but I needed a second opinion from someone who was not my husband because of course he is going to say I look great no matter how I actually look. I called my girlfriend, who has known me for almost twenty years, to see if she could tell a difference. I hadn’t seen her since my hair really started to look bad so she wasn’t going to automatically assume I was trying to hide a problem. We went out for lunch and a few drinks and immediately she’s going on and on about how great my hair looks! She’s asking questions about what shampoo I’m using, if it’s related to some type of supplements, etc. I had to stifle a laugh! I let her ramble on and on before confessing my little secret. She was so fired up that she’s getting an extension that will make it look like she’s got a ponytail. She likes the idea of looking like she’s got long hair without the necessary upkeep of actually having long hair.