Booking Entertainment is Actually Fun

I have all sorts of different responsibilities at work. I am the personal assistant to the owner of a very large company. He has his own secretary and receptionist, so I don’t handle those duties. I do handle his dry cleaning, lunches, buying gifts, booking his doctor appointments and other things like that. I actually love my job because I get to do so many things that most people don’t. One of those things was to book corporate entertainment for an upcoming party for the executives of the company.

While it was not for the entire company, there were still nearly 90 people invited to it because of all the different departments that we have. My boss wanted this to be a laid back event where people could just relax. I was in charge of getting the hall ready as well as making sure the catering company was on the ball. I can do those things in my sleep, so I was excited that I was able to focus on the corporate entertainment for less than 100 people. Since it is not an extremely large crowd, I knew that the entertainment could be a bit more intimate than if there was the entire 600 people from the company attending.

I decided to have a comedian come in as well as some magicians. I knew that both of those entertainers would have everyone comfortable and having a good time. It does help that I was able to read some reviews that were left by other people. That allowed me to find out that these two particular acts are quite popular and would have everyone in stitches before the night was over. My boss was so impressed with what I put together that he is having me handle the Christmas company party all on my own. I cannot wait!