How Can You Not Like an Apartment Home That Has a Garage and a Rooftop Saltwater Swimming Pool?

The promotion came through a year ago, and the job was stable. I take things slowly, and so does my wife. We were not going to jump into a better apartment until we were sure I liked my new job. We did the same when she moved up through the ranks at her job. Our lease at our old place was up, so we started looking for luxury apartments for Buckhead, which is a district of Atlanta over in Fulton Country Georgia where we work at. We both work in the same area so close that we have lunch together practically every day. Now we wanted to move to a luxury apartment closer to where we worked.

The Encore Apartments was what we were looking for. We chose The Symphony floorplan, which is a three level apartment home that has three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms as well as a garage. This was what we have been wanting for a very long time. We had outgrown our old apartment with one child and grandparents who like to visit very often. They are always on the road in their RV, so we see them about once every month or so for a couple of days at least. Continue reading How Can You Not Like an Apartment Home That Has a Garage and a Rooftop Saltwater Swimming Pool?

Our Parents Moved Closer to Us

My parents recently retired. When I used to think of retired people, I thought of folks who were in their 70s and were slowing down in life. Nothing could be farther from the truth for my mom and dad though. Both are in their 50s, and they were able to retire early because of working hard all their lives. They wanted to sell their business and look at luxury apartments in Atlanta GA so they could live closer to my family as well as my brother and his family. The two of us ended up in Atlanta even though we were raised in Ohio, so it was just natural that they wanted to move closer to us.

My brother has a a huge house, and I live in a small cottage not too far from him. There was no room for my parents to stay with me, but he had plenty of room. Continue reading Our Parents Moved Closer to Us