Everything Needs to Be Perfect

Looking for luxury apartments for Charlotte NC has been an ordeal for my brother and I. We just wanted something that would give us a great luxury experience while being in a convenient location. Before we found the perfect place, there was always something that prevented us from signing a lease. The first location we found was too far from our workplace, meaning we would have to commute an hour and 30 minutes to get there, and that was without taking traffic conditions into account. Just one bad traffic accident or rainy day would have caused us to be late for work or possibly get fired.

The next apartment we found was just the right location, but there were only single rooms available, and we wanted double rooms. Not that I mind sharing a room with my brother, but we would prefer to have our own individual rooms. We have different tastes and preferences, and ultimately sharing the same room would cause us to get annoyed with each others habits in just a couple of days. Plus, my brother snores when he sleeps, even though he doesn’t want to admit it. I recorded him while he was sleeping with a microphone, and when he heard the snoring on the recording, he denied that it was him.

We went through a total of 15 different apartments before we found the one that we live in now. If we knew where to look, we could have found this location from the start and saved ourselves a lot of time and energy. The apartment is close enough to our workplace that even if we overslept by 30 minutes and there was a bad accident caused by heavy rain, we would still be able to pick up breakfast and make it to work with an hour to spare.