Finding Our Next Home Was Easy

My husband was offered an incredible opportunity with his work. They are expanding, and a new office complex is being built right now in District 18. Though my husband would not be managing it for at least another half year, I knew that we needed to start looking at residential developments there even if it meant that he had to travel for work until his permanent placement in District 18. I looked at different developments, but none of them captured my interest like the Treasure at Tampines development. I was intrigued with everything they had to offer to the people living there.

I liked the location right off the bat, but it was more than just that. There is such a nice mix of units available. There are over 2000 that will be fully occupied. The smallest will have just one bedroom, but the largest ones will have five bedrooms in them. We don’t need one quite that big, but I was happy to see that there are four bedroom units still available. We have two children, and I want them to each have their own room. I also wanted a guest room since we do have relatives who visit quite frequently. Plus, the amenities for residents are pretty remarkable too.

The location is remarkable too. The schools that are close by are perfect for our two children, and there are plenty of shopping complexes and malls nearby too. The best part though is that when my husband is permanently stationed here, his work will only be a five minute drive as compared to the 30 minute drive it is right now. We are both excited, and we have submitted our information already. We want to be moved in just as quickly as possible as we are both excited about this next chapter of our lives.