Finding the Perfect Apartment in Tallahassee, Florida Was Easy for Me This Time

I am a pretty active person, so I wanted to make sure that the apartments in Tallahassee FL that I looked at had plenty of things for me to do. I also wanted to make sure that it was located close to things that I enjoy too, like a quality golf course, a movie theater, and even a venue where musicians play. Being in Tallahassee, I didn’t think it would take a lot for me to find the place that fit all those requirements. I did a quick search online, and that is how I found the Parkway Square apartments.

I thought right off the bat how this is really a nice place. When I got a tour of the grounds, I wanted to jump in the pool and take a swim. I was looking forward to moving in. A fitness facility on site was a real bonus. I would not have to renew my gym membership, and that would save me a few hundred every year too. I liked this place from the beginning. The newer apartment complexes are so much nicer and have so many more nice things than the older places. They are even very liberal when it comes to being pet-friendly. My grandmother used to try and hide the fact that she had a cat in her apartment years ago. When I moved here I adopted an adult dog from a shelter. We were both new to the apartment, but we adjusted quickly.

My pup is my best friend. We hang out and go everywhere together. Moving to Parkway Square has really made a difference in my mood and outlook. I was miserable at my old place. I have so much more to do here in this part of Tallahassee. Parkway Square is convenient to so many things I like to do.