Getting a Lawyer Helped Me to Pay My Hospital Bill

My dad loved boats. He often took me and my brothers out on the water on many weekends when we were growing up. So when a friend of mine asked me if my wife and I wanted to go out and go out on his own boat a couple of months ago, we said yes. Weeks later, I had to retain a personal injury attorney in Sacramento because of what happened that day on his boat. A man that we had never met was on the lake drinking that day, and he slammed into my friend’s boat with his boat. It was pure negligence.

My wife and I didn’t even own bathing suits. A few days before we were to go out on our adventure with our friend, we went to several stores to buy what we needed. My wife got a lovely black suit, and I found some nice bathing trucks in a wild, Hawaiian print. We also made sure to stock up on some sunblock, sunglasses, hats and flip-flops as well. We looked forward to using all of it.

When the man who was driving another boat while drunk slammed into our boat, I was thrown overboard. Later in the hospital, I thought about how ironic it was that my wife and I had such a great time picking out the things that we needed for that trip, but then the trip ended in horror. I was in traction for 2 weeks. Due to me having no health insurance, I worried about how much my total bill would be from the hospital. My buddy got the information from the guy that hit us, and I had to sue him in order to get all the help that I needed to pay for the tens of thousands that I owed the hospital.