Global Warming and Air Conditioning

Global warming is driving temperatures hotter than ever. It’s estimated the carbon fuel stored in the atmosphere from cars, volcanos, industry and even cattle have contributed to 1 degree increase in the temperature of the planet Earth. Even then as temperatures have risen humans have become ever more adapted to changing landscape of our planet. One of these needs have been fulfilled by proper air conditioning units in homes and ventilation. This has been great business for hvac repair in New York and it cannot be understated how important proper air conditioning is to housing.

Prior housing to the 20th century people basically did not enjoy the luxury of air conditioning. Giving the rising temperatures of the global climates (polar ice caps literally melting) the fact that we have air conditioning is literally a god send. People for thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of years endured the smelting heat of rigid summers and frozen landscape of harsh winters with only a flame or a fan to cool them. The extreme environmental conditions are said to even be raising water levels. Cities such as Miami or New York, Baltimore, may not even be on the map in some decades as the polar ice caps melt and sink them into oblivion.

New York is one of the most populated cities on the planet as well as the most renowned. Many other cities as well Miami, Shanghai, Berlin enjoy the service of HVAC repair men. There are myriad of different professionals who are on the frontline of providing people with comfort as our environment around is ever changed by the activity of which what we produce into the atmosphere. As well as HVAC the change in temperature has also led to a change in behavior. People are preferring to stay inside rather than go outside to avoid the sweltering heat. More people are entering into the HVAC business, so lets just hope that this changes things for the better.