Going to Start at SMU Next Semester

I start at SMU at the start of the Fall semester, but I am already working to get ready for it. My main objective right now is to figure out how much money I will need to sustain me while I am at school. For instance I have been pricing out apartments for Grand Prairie TX and trying to figure out how to find a roommate. That is obviously the most cost effective way to find a place to live. As I figure things if you get a two bedroom place and split the cost, then you end up paying about three fifths as much as if you got a one bedroom apartment and paid all of it on your own. If you could do a three bedroom apartment and split that three ways, then obviously you are going to get a whole lot better off. However you do not want to end up picking people without trying to figure out if they are going to show up with their share of the rent when it comes due.

That is the big thing that I am sweating right now. I need a roommate and I know it, but I do not need some guy who is not going to be there with the money when the landlord comes knocking on the door. So you want to check them out so far as you can. I want to figure out how to get reliable references, obviously I want to talk to people who have been roommates with them in the past, but that might not be possible. You would have to call my Mom and Dad if you wanted this sort of information about me. I have not ever lived on my own except in the dorms back in Abilene TX.