Help! Our Countertop Was Covered in Ants!

Whoa! The ants got crazy at our house this year. I came downstairs one morning and walked into the kitchen to see the countertop covered in them. It looked like something out of one of those horror movies. Okay, so maybe there were only about a hundred or so of them, but I want no ants in our kitchen or anywhere in the house. We called a company that does extermination in Montreal after the baits from the store did not take care of the problem. I did not even know how they were getting in.

The exterminator told me that ants follow a trail of scent left behind by other ants. When one finds food, the ant follows his own trail back strengthening the scent trail. This tells the other ants that the strongest smelling trail is the way to a bounty of food. The peanut butter and jelly sandwich that one of the kids knocked behind the microwave on the counter was a bounty of food. I cleaned it all up, but the ants kept on coming. I had to find out where they were coming in and stop them from following the trail to food.

The exterminator was able to locate a part of the foundation wall that was being used as an ant highway into and out of the house. There were probably millions of them living under the sidewalk next to the kitchen. The professional exterminator was able to spray to get rid of the nest of them. I am not fond of having to do that to ants, but I also did not want them finding another way into our house looking for a food supply. We sealed the tiny hole in the sill plate where they were getting in, but there probably were more. Getting rid of the nest was our only option that I knew of.