I Am Finally Back Home

Of course the reason that I went to Utah was mainly to help my boss and his wife look after their children. If you did not know it then the two of them are only really married for the public and for the kids, at least until they are all out of high school I think. It seems very old fashioned, but of course that is their business. When I got there I was met by a beautiful young woman, perhaps she was around 25, but she may have been younger. An escort service in Utah county had sent her, but it was not for me. I was there to also pretend to be her boyfriend while the children were around. It turned out that she was an awesome skier and the kids adored her. I was supposed to be the one teaching them how to ski, but she took over and showed all of them exactly how. By the end of the week all of them were going down the intermediate slopes like it was their backyard.

At any rate I was pretty jealous by then, this girl was really awesome and pretending to be her boyfriend was not so much fun when it stopped right before all of the real fun. I was quite pleased with myself when I thought that she was ready to do some of the fun stuff, but that was just a big tease. At any rate I got to do a lot of skiing and I suppose that I got a paid vacation, but other than that this was a very weird thing. I did get to know the boss’ wife and she seemed to be interested in knowing me better, but only in a perfectly discrete way so that no one else knew.