I Can Do All Kinds of Sports Again Now

I used to love going out and doing all kinds of things with my family. We would go skiing one weekend, and the next would find us driving hours to the beach to go surfing. More and more often these last couple of years, I found myself begging off from some of the more extreme things we would do. It just took me too long to recover from them, mainly because my back would hurt too much. I took some ribbing from my older brothers over this, but I started seeing a chiropractor in Campbell because of one of them.

He told me that it was possible that I just needed to have some adjustments done on my back, and that a chiropractor would be able to help me with that. That gave me something to think about, because up to that point, I thought chiropractors were mainly for people who had been in car accidents or been involved in a work accident. I went home after having that talk, and I went to the website of a local chiropractor. His office is only a few miles from me, but I just never considered going there because I didn’t think it was for someone like me.

What I found out is that chiropractic care is for everyone. I learned so much about their natural approach to helping the body heal from damage that its done to itself, even without the help of an accident or disease. I honestly never thought that I would be skiing again, but I went just a few months after I started seeing the chiropractor. The funny thing is that I convinced my brothers and the rest of our family to go as well, and we are all feeling so much better because of the care that we receive on a regular basis.