I Had Some Moles Removed from My Neck

When I noticed that a mole had changed shape on my neck, I decided to seek medical attention. I had always heard that they should be checked if they ever change shape or colors, and I did not want to put this off in case it was something that could potentially be harmful to me. I was able to get an appointment with my doctor who assured me that it was fine. He did tell me that I could have it removed at an aesthetic clinic in Singapore if I was concerned about the appearance of it, though once again he assured me that it was not a danger to my health in any way.

I thought about it, because I did not want to undergo any type of procedure that I did not really have to do. I am not squeamish about things like that, but I also did not want to subject myself to something that was just not needed. I decided to go ahead and get some more information about the aesthetic clinic that he had told me about, and I found out that the procedure was not risky at all.

The process does require anesthesia, but it is just a local or topical one. The only reason for that is to ensure that there is no pain at all, which I did appreciate. When I went there to have the mole removed, they also told me I could have the other two on my neck removed as well. Even though they had not changed colors or shapes at all, I thought it would be nice to just have them all removed at the same time. It did not hurt at all, and I like the way I look now much better. I also love the peace of mind that i have that I am as healthy as I am now too!