I Love the New Way of Eating That I Am Doing Each Day

I’ve been overweight for many years, but I’ve started a new diet plan. It took me quite some time to realize that I felt depressed because I was so overweight. I wanted to make a change after I read some Nutrisystem reviews from other people who have had major success with losing weight on that plan. I’m an emotional eater, which means that I eat a lot when I am down. Then, I feel down about the fact that I’ve eaten too much. Further, I feel depressed when I look at how overweight I am each day in the mirror. When I realized what was going on, it felt like a ridiculous way to live my life.

I can be pretty picky about my food, but I can say that I really love the food that I’ve had on the Nutrisystem plan. I’m not a big fan of spending a lot of time in the grocery store. Often, I just go in and grab things off the shelves and put them in my cart with no major plan because I want to get in and out of the store quickly. That is how I end up buying so many things that are fattening and are not good for me. What is a nice about this new plan that I started is that I can order the food online from Nutrysystem’s site, and I can skip the grocery store all together.

I order two weeks of food at a time. It shows up in a big box, and it’s always exciting to open the box and see all the different meals that have arrived. I simply put them in my kitchen cabinet. I don’t even have to refrigerate anything. When it’s time for me to eat a meal I just pick one out of the kitchen cabinet, open the box and then put the meal in the microwave to heat it up. It takes only minutes and it really saves me a lot of time. The food is really tasty, and I love that I get to have desserts, too.