I Want to Live Here for a Long Time

My husband has to relocate every few years, so we have always lived in an apartment or a rental house. Ever since having our third son a few years ago, we have tried getting a house because it is just easier finding a four bedroom house as opposed to a four bedroom apartment. When we found out that he was being sent to Tallahassee for his next assignment, I got excited because I thought there might actually be four bedroom luxury apartments in Tallahassee since it is a pretty big city.

There is nothing wrong with living in a rental house, but all of us actually prefer living at an apartment since there are often a lot more amenities at an apartment complex. We both agreed that we wanted each of our sons to have his own room though because they need their privacy just like we need ours. I did a search for four bedroom apartments, and that is how I found Tally Square. It is really close to where he needed to work, and it is the nicest apartment we have ever lived in. The kids love it because it is so big, and I like it for that along with other reasons.

The apartment is spread out between two floors. On the main floor, there is a large living room, a separate dining room, and a kitchen. There is a patio off of the living room, right next to the fireplace that we all love on chilly nights. Our 13 year old son has the only bedroom on the main floor along with a half bath that we all use. On the upper floor, we have our room, our master bath, two bedrooms, a laundry room and another full bath for all the kids to use. I actually hope his assignment lasts longer here because I don’t want to give up this apartment!