I Wonder if This is Safe

I was sort of taken aback when I first learned about this stuff and the first thing that I wondered was whether or not this stuff would turn you into a zombie killer. Of course I do not know anything about this herbal smoking blend relaxation that this guy was using. He thought that it was supposed to help him quit smoking, but I am not really thinking that is all that likely. It is a simple fact, that nicotine is really addictive and no one with any sense would keep on smoking if they were not addicted to the stuff. They still want the stuff when they quit. In fact I know this guy who used to smoke, he told me that if the doctors told him he had cancer the first thing that he would do is go and buy a pack of smokes. It is something that seems to stick around for life. If you want to quit the first thing most people do is to replace the nicotine delivery system.

It is a tough thing to quit, but the thing I think about is what is this stuff supposed to do and does it have any side effects. Of course there are a lot of other things that have these effects and they can be really severe. It is not uncommon for people to smoke synthetic marijuana and have some sort of psychotic episode. Obviously when you smoke the real stuff the only thing you go psycho on is a bag of potato chips. The only reason people use this stuff is so that they do not fail a drug test, but when you are acting like a maniac that sort of gives it away. These bath salts are the stuff that really have dramatic consequences.