I’m Okay on My Own Now That I Took Steps to Feel Safe

I was so excited to live on my own, but soon after my roommates moved out, I was suddenly very aware of every little noise outside at night. It began to make me really anxious on a continuous basis. I was reading information at homesecurity911.com and learned that I could get an alarm for my place at a pretty low price. The page also mentioned that I can get a reward card that I can use pretty much anywhere if I signed up soon. I decided to think it over for awhile, but in the end, I ended up doing it because it helped to calm me down each night.

When I first moved away from home many years ago, I moved in with roommates. I never had any fears. There were 5 of us living together in a house, and there was always someone was always around. We had friends coming and going often. Safety was never something that I really felt that I needed to think about. After that, I moved into a few other places, and there were always plenty of people around at each of those places as well. At some point, I wanted a place of my own, so I worked toward doing that.

Even though I knew I wanted a place that I would be in full control of and own it myself, I knew that I should get a couple of roommates so that I could pay bills more easily. It just makes good sense, so I invited some friends to move in. However, something flipped in my mind this year, and I realized that I wanted some peace and quiet. My roommates moved out, and soon after my fears began because I didn’t feel safe living all alone. However, getting a security system put in has helped me to feel better again.