It’s a Real Fixer Upper

Not too long ago, I purchased an old house in New Jersey for an affordable price. The house wasn’t in the greatest condition, but that was fine, because I wanted to fix it up and sell it for a higher price. I hired a company for HVAC repair in NJ, because the HVAC system wasn’t working, I hired a plumber because there was a problem with the pipes and sinks leaking, and I even had to call someone to fix the roof. Of course, there were some things that I was able to do myself.

The first task I tackled in the home was painting all of the rooms. The repaired HVAC system really came in handy here, because painting in the cold is no fun, and the heat being put out by the vents would allow the paint to dry faster. I chose an off white color for the walls because it goes with pretty much everything. I realize that not everyone wants to have walls that are near a white color, but they can paint it themselves if they want. Painting the walls was a bit tedious, but it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t handle.

After painting, I added new carpeting to the rooms. Rather than using a giant roll of carpet and cutting from that, I used some of those interlocking carpet tiles that can be easily applied. It’s much more convenient to use these because they don’t require a lot of effort to lay on each floor, and there’s no need to use any special methods to secure the carpet. Also, they can be easily removed if necessary. There’s still a little bit more work to do in he house, but soon it will be up on the market and I can get a profit from the sales.