Jenny and I Move to the Sunshine State

My wife Jenny and I lived up North for five years. I always liked cold weather, but at times the low temperatures were unbearable. We would get large amounts of snow in the winter. The roads would be completely blocked. The roads were also very slippery. Once, my car almost slid off the road. I could not take this anymore. My wife Jenny and I decided to move to another place that was warmer. We looked for apartments in Deland Florida.

The final straw that forced our decision to move was last year’s blizzard. It was the worst storm in decades. We had almost six feet of snow. Most of our neighbors were snowed inside their houses. Our electricity went out for a couple of days. Luckily, I had a generator to provide us with spare electricity. Jenny and I knew that we could not stay any longer. My wife wanted to leave before winter. I totally agreed with her.

We decided to move to Florida. We both had family members who already stayed there. The told us about beautiful climate and the warm weather. Jenny and I would never have to worry about blizzards again. This was a golden opportunity for us. We immediately jumped at the chance. There was no turning back for us.

We searched around for many apartments. We finally found one that we both liked. It had two bedrooms and two bathrooms for the each of us. The kitchen and living room was massive. Jenny liked to cook and wanted one with lots of space. We had plenty of closet room. We purchased it without any regrets.

Jenny and I love our new apartment. It has everything that we wanted. The environment is so nice in Florida. I am definitely going to enjoy living in my new home in the South.