Local Scrap Metal Prices by Pound

My uncle just dropped off a lot of scrap metal at my house, and some of it might not be worth that much, but all together, I think it is going to be more than worth my time in order to go through all of this scrap and see if I can sort it out and sell it to a local scrap yard. I need to figure out scrap metal prices near my house though and see which place nearby is going to buy my metal for the best price. That is very important, and I guess that I should start figuring it out now as I intend to try to sell this metal by the end of the week.

I know it might take me a day or two to sort and clean it all up so that it is acceptable to the scrap yard, and also so that I am able to get the best prices for everything that I am selling. I do not have a lot of experience doing this type of thing on my own, but when I was younger I used to help my older brother clean up scrap metal and sort it. I kind of remember the basics of it, but I might give him a call and see if he can give me some pointers. There is one part of this whole process that I might just skip and pass on to someone with more patience than I have.

I know that for copper wire, in order to get the best price for it, you have to strip off all of the insulation material, and that can really take a long time to do, and it is also a fairly unpleasant process from what I remember. I am not sure if I want to go through all that.