Meatballs Just Like My Grandma Used to Make

When I think of my grandmother, I am always transported back to my childhood years. Her house always smelled like an Italian restaurant, so it was no wonder that we all enjoyed eating there when we were able to. One of my favorite things there were her Italian meatballs. She made them just as I used to do, but hers were so much better because she was able to let them cook slowly for hours upon hours on the stove. I was not able to do that until I found an Instant Pot meatballs recipe.

I did not even own an Instant Pot at the time that I saw the recipe online. I had just been looking for meatball recipes, and I found this one that looked so good. I had been thinking about getting an Instant Pot anyway, so I went ahead and ordered one online. I looked at other recipes, and bookmarked quite a few of them, but it was the meatball recipe I most wanted to try. The recipe claimed that the taste of the meatballs would be the exact same as the taste of meatballs that have cooked on the stove for hours upon hours, just like Grandma used to make hers.

Once the Instant Pot was delivered, I wasted no time. I went right to the bookmarked recipes on my computer and printed out the meatball one. It was easy to make them, but I did have a good mentor who taught me how to shape them. I did add Parmesan cheese, something that was new to me, just because it sounded so delicious. Well, I took them out in 15 minutes just like it said to, and I could not believe my taste buds. The meatballs were just as delicious as my grandma’s in a fraction of the time. Now I am hooked on making things in my Instant Pot!