Moving Halfway Around the World with Our Dog

Wherever we go, our dog goes with us. We spent a lot of money making sure our dog could fly with us in the passenger cabin and not in the belly of the plane. It took some ingenuity and even some training to make it happen. Then, we had to work out any issues with customs when we got to Singapore. Our dog is why we never visited the 50h State. That island chain has a quarantine time. We were moving to the Singapore New Futura condo South Tower. The company I work for bought the condo for me, and they will use it as a place to live for my replacement after I establish things here and if I want to move back.

I do a very particular job for my company that not a lot of people can or want to do. The niche area I serve allows me to have a lot of leeway when it comes to moving and my family. It is my wife and I and our Jack Russell Terrier. Her name is Olivia, and she goes with us wherever we go. I am on a two-year assignment, but I like Singapore a lot. My wife does too. Olivia seems to like it here too. We picked the South Tower of the New Futura condominium project because it is the closest to the pet lawn they have outside.

My pace of work seems to fit in with the urban business lifestyle here in Singapore. I never thought I would be okay with urban living, especially a condo unit several floors up in a tower halfway around the world. I was used to suburban living in the states. It is different here, but easily adaptable to. The buildings here have so many amenities built right into them. On the 23rd floor in our building, the whole floor is like a park with green grass, plants and two swimming pools. It is a fascinating place to live.