My Son Has Earned It

Since my son has been doing much better thanks to getting A level physics tuition, I’ve decided to throw a party for him. I’ve watched him improve over the weeks and it’s remarkable how well he’s done. He thought he would have to go to summer school or repeat the grade with how badly he was doing in his class. I had to meet with his teacher and discuss a way that we could help him, and I learned about the tutoring service and contacted them. Somehow, the service can teach in a way that makes everything just click.

The party is going to be a surprise, so I’ll have to set it up while my son is still at school. I’m going to order his favorite pizza and my wife is going to make a special ice cream cake. My son loves having this kind of cake because it combines ice cream and cake parts into one. He asks for it every time he has a birthday, and even when his siblings are having a birthday. I’ll have to get some decorations from the store, and maybe a helium balloon or two for congratulations.

Of course, no party is complete without some kind of present. I think my son has finally earned that video game system that he’s been talking about for months now. The system has detachable controllers so it can work on a television, or be taken on the go as a portable device. It’s kind of clever because it basically functions as two systems in one. As long as my son keeps doing well in school, he should be fine with video games, but if he drops, I’ll take it away until he can get back on track with a little help from the tutoring service.