Never Played the Cello, but Learned!

Having moved to Singapore in 2011, I had dreams of all the things that I would want to accomplish. Like, finish college and get a home. I had always wanted to play cello, but never thought to do that in Singapore. It was one of those things like “I’d like to play piano” or “I wish I knew how to play the guitar.” It’s a thought, never a reality. Until my friend and I talked about it and ended up looking for good cello class lessons in Singapore. The rest is history.

Judging my friend and I, you’d think that we have it all together. We had a nice apartment we shared, she were almost graduating college and we had lived in Singapore for 4 years. It wasn’t until one late night we were talking about things we’d love to do and playing the cello came up. Oddly, my friend had had the same thought. We both had no idea the other one wanted to play the cello! When we discussed this in detail, we decided to search out a cello player who could teach us how to play.

Assuming that the search would be a stand still after a few hours, we were shocked to find out a local in the area was giving lessons for really cheap. We both wanted to contact him immediately! After talking with him, we set up a day to come and learn and he told us, “First lesson is free, if you enjoy playing the cello then we can work out more lessons and a price!” We jumped on that because it was a great way to get an introduction to cello playing without a commitment if either of us hated it.

Off we went, the guy was so nice and really taught us a lot in an hour. He was passionate about playing and it made us even more passionate about learning! His confidence oozed and we wanted that! We ended up going back for a year with him as a teacher since he was so good. It was amazing what skill and patience is needed with learning to use an instrument, but it was worth it. I would tell everyone to just try it, doesn’t have to be a cello and it could be anything. The greatest way to know if you love something is to try it out… and have a great teacher!