Our Parents Moved Closer to Us

My parents recently retired. When I used to think of retired people, I thought of folks who were in their 70s and were slowing down in life. Nothing could be farther from the truth for my mom and dad though. Both are in their 50s, and they were able to retire early because of working hard all their lives. They wanted to sell their business and look at luxury apartments in Atlanta GA so they could live closer to my family as well as my brother and his family. The two of us ended up in Atlanta even though we were raised in Ohio, so it was just natural that they wanted to move closer to us.

My brother has a a huge house, and I live in a small cottage not too far from him. There was no room for my parents to stay with me, but he had plenty of room. They insisted on looking at apartments though as they did not want to impose on either one of us. They just wanted to be close enough to spoil their grandchildren without being underfoot all the time. Plus, they are still very active and wanted to have their own lives here as well.

I was not surprised when they ended up getting an apartment at the Overton Rise apartments. It is the perfect fit for them as there are a lot of activities for them to do there, and it is not that far from my place or my brother’s house. I know my two kids love going there to visit with them, and it’s not just because of the really cool pool that is there. They just love having their grandparents live so much closer to where they can see them anytime they want to now! My brother’s kids feel the same way.