The Development of a Solid ADS-B Receiver Network

There is a push to really establish a solids ADS-B network across the nation. Receivers that connect to the Internet are being offered to ground stations in limited coverage areas. Airports are great places to set up an ADSB antenna. An ADS-B receiver can receive the information and transmit it to computer servers over an active Internet connection. The GPS fix information can give more precise information than regular radar systems. This is a big help to ground control systems for aircraft separation and timing.

I would imagine you can adjust your safety margins when you know that aircraft are really a fixed distance apart rather than having a range. If you just have a range of say 3 to 4 miles, then you will err on the side of safety and say 4 miles. If you know an aircraft is 6307 feet away, that is a whole lot more precise. Continue reading The Development of a Solid ADS-B Receiver Network

Help! Our Countertop Was Covered in Ants!

Whoa! The ants got crazy at our house this year. I came downstairs one morning and walked into the kitchen to see the countertop covered in them. It looked like something out of one of those horror movies. Okay, so maybe there were only about a hundred or so of them, but I want no ants in our kitchen or anywhere in the house. We called a company that does extermination in Montreal after the baits from the store did not take care of the problem. I did not even know how they were getting in.

The exterminator told me that ants follow a trail of scent left behind by other ants. When one finds food, the ant follows his own trail back strengthening the scent trail. Continue reading Help! Our Countertop Was Covered in Ants!

Skills by Hand Are Still Important

For a homework assignment in one of my engineering classes, I was asked to do a bit of column design, only instead of using a program to do it, I had to do it all by hand. The teacher felt that people in the class had become too reliant on programs to get the work done, so he wanted to see if we still had the necessary skills to use our own two hands to make the columns. I thought it was a pointless exercise, since there really isn’t a point now where anyone wouldn’t be able to use a program to design anything, but I needed to complete it for a passing grade.

As I started the assignment, I thought it would be a piece of cake. I had done hand designs before, so it wasn’t like I was stepping into new territory. When I started drawing on the paper, I found myself making mistakes that I didn’t normally make when using the program. I had an eraser on hand to get rid of my mistakes, but that eraser was being worn down pretty quickly. Continue reading Skills by Hand Are Still Important

We Hired Someone Who Will Help Us Due to Being Treated Unfairly

My husband was driving the two of us to our favorite restaurant for a dinner that we were both very much looking forward to. We had a rough couple of weeks with work, and we simply wanted some good food and some relaxation. The police pulled us over on the way there. They noticed that my husband had some unpaid tickets and began hassling him. Soon, they got rough. I pulled out my camera to record the situation, and that’s when the police turned on me. My first thought was that we were going to need criminal solicitors in Sydney when this was all over.

I had seen articles on the Internet about police harassing people who film them. I did not see them often, but enough so that I knew that there was a problem with it. Continue reading We Hired Someone Who Will Help Us Due to Being Treated Unfairly

Adding an Alarm System to Your Home

Protecting your home is one of the single most important things a homeowner can do to ensure the safety of themselves and their family. It is an extra expense on top of your home, so it is something that many can overlook initially, especially after just buying a new, expensive home. However, it is something that homeowners need to think carefully about getting. There are several options for alarm systems installation in Sydney that can fit any customer. It is something that gives you full peace of mind when you are away from home and so that you can sleep better at night knowing you have a good security system.

Many think of a home alarm system and immediately begin to think of an estate with an elaborate security system and that is overkill for the size of house that they have. While this type of setup is available, it is not the most common. There are everyday systems available for different size home that give automated protection to aid in preventing problems when you are home or away and alerting the authorities of anything if something does happen.

At times, people like to dismiss the need for a security system because they live in an expensive area with low crime. But that is one of the main reasons it is good to consider a system, because nice areas can be a target. As long as there are break-ins or other property damage or personal violence in proximity of where you live on occasion, than getting one of the many alarm systems installation in Sydney is not going overboard with getting protection for you and your home. Alarm systems help provide an additional layer of protection over easy to break locks and make it that much harder for your home to be a target. It is not as expensive to set up or run as many think, making it even more necessary to look into a security system if you don’t already have one.

The Beauty of Home Automation in Fort Lauderdale

Home automation is a marvelous thing. First of all, let me tell you what this is. It is the use of in-house appliances electronically. For example, a programmable light switch can turn the lights off or on when needed, without a person having to get up to turn the lights on or off by hand. This is a form of home automation in Fort Lauderdale. Lots of people all over are turning their attention more toward this exciting new innovation. Just one of many places doing this is Fort Lauderdale. They see a new way of living for the future!

Fort Lauderdale is rethinking the way we can can use everyday appliances in our daily lives. For one, a lot of people have started switching their home security systems to electronic ones. They feel more secure knowing that their homes can be supervised and safe when they are away. Another way they are looking more towards the future is with entertainment. Continue reading The Beauty of Home Automation in Fort Lauderdale

An Apartment for Me and My Sister

My sister and I each have our own apartment right now. We were talking not that long ago how much we are each paying for a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment, and then we wondered if we would not only save money but have a lot more common space if we got a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment together. We started looking online to see if it would be to our benefit to get an apartment together, and that is how we were able to experience Murano in Orlando. Murano Apartments are right in the city, not far from where we both work.

The great thing about it is that they are not even open yet, but they are taking applications. We both got our apartments around the same time, so our leases are going to run out in the middle of summer. Continue reading An Apartment for Me and My Sister

Life in Florida is Nice

I miss the snowy areas of my old home in Colorado, but the warm weather in Florida is a fair trade. There’s the beaches to visit, the beautiful view of the ocean, and I can even get to Disney World whenever I want. There’s also the people. There are a lot of beautiful people here in Florida. It’s like the state is run by supermodels. In the apartments where I live, the hall is packed with beautiful women. They sure give my old neighbors in Colorado a run for their money.

I love to take a swim in the morning before heading to work. I like swimming more than any other exercise because I can work my entire body at once, and it feels less like work and more like fun. The apartment complex has a huge pool that gets pretty deep. Sometimes I like to practice my diving while no one is watching. After swimming, I take a shower and head to a local spot for something to eat. Continue reading Life in Florida is Nice

Started Looking for a New Place in Fort Worth

We are looking for a place in the area West of Fort Worth. In fact I would sort of like it if I could get a place close to my favorite fishing lakes. I have a new job in the Area West Southwest of the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. I have started to check out the details on different places, like doing the research at to figure out who the power company options are in the various places that we are considering. We have started to look at half a dozen different locations and tried to figure out which one is the best option for us. A couple of them are obviously pipe dreams, but we talked to the people on the chance that they might give us a price we can meet. Continue reading Started Looking for a New Place in Fort Worth

A Pro Can Stop Bugs Before They Become a Bigger Problem

When my dad retired last year, he asked me to take over the family’s retail business. I had been working there for the past 20 years and I knew all of the ins and outs. So, it is only natural that he ask me to run the place, as opposed to selling it off or bringing in an outsider to run it for us. We had been having some problems with pests in our warehouse, so I called a place that handles pest control in Brooklyn to come help us after failing to rid the place of them myself.

I originally bought some gallon jugs of spray. Continue reading A Pro Can Stop Bugs Before They Become a Bigger Problem

Best Gifts I Have Given My Dad

One thing each child struggles with no matter how old is what to buy their dad as a gift, be it for father’s day or for his birthday or even Christmas. That’s several gifts per year and it’s not always easy to find something you know he will like. Interests help. Like he loves football so one time I got him Direct TV NFL Sunday Ticket. He really did love that. Sure he will always pretend he likes it but you tend to know when he really doesn’t. I bought him a replacement mug once because he loved it so much but it was chewed up and kina broken. He didn’t seem thrilled but said he liked it. I think he had an emotional attachment to the old one.

So even knowing what he likes won’t always help you find the best gift. Continue reading Best Gifts I Have Given My Dad

The Best Security System for Us

There has been a lot of burglaries in our area recently. It is not to be unexpected, because we do live on the outskirts of a major city. Knowing that we are keeping up with statistics is not exactly reassuring in this area though. I didn’t want to leave our protection to chance, so I decided to get the best home security system that I could. The only problem with that was that I didn’t know which one was the best. I had never had any need for anything like this before, so I wouldn’t know a good one from a mediocre one without doing some research first.

I was able to see where there was an even bigger distinction than just good and mediocre. Some systems were downright scary in how little they offered any type of protection, and I was also able to see that a few systems truly stand apart from others because of the great job they do. I was able to read about the types of cameras there are as well as which ones would be best for my house and property. Continue reading The Best Security System for Us

How Not to Judge a Book by Its Cover

 ... Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy (Compact DiscMany people do make the mistake of judging a book by its cover or is it really a mistake? More than once, you have probably purchased a book based on the cover art. More often than not, a newly released book’s cover can be an indicator of good things to come. However, there are some other ways you can determine whether or not a book is something that you would choose to read.

So how can you tell a good book from a bad one? Read the online reviews of the book and see what others have to say. The Internet is home to a wealth of information at your disposal. You will easily find some great in-depth reviews that can help point you on the right path. If you want a professional review, read blogs that are geared toward new bestseller releases. If you are looking for a more down-to-earth approach, consider Amazon for a straightforward punch.

Read the back of the book and consider what the main plotline is. How many times do people actually read what the back of the book says? Even if you feel pressured in a book store, don’t just dash to the checkout line. Take the time to truly read the inside flap and the back cover. This is usually a good indicator of what you can expect. The other trick of the trade you can try is to read the first few pages. By reading inside of the first few pages, you can get to know the author’s writing style. If it is something you like, it can help you make the decision to buy the book.

Consider what genre the book is in. For example, if you don’t enjoy reading books in the Christian fiction genre, always check the back of the book. The back usually contains the genre and sub-genre it is sold in. If not, the inside of the book with the copyright page oftentimes helps indicate this bit of info. As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can make an informed decision to buy or not to buy a book without just looking at the cover!

The Merits of the Divergent Trilogy

The Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth is the latest series of books to attract the attention of teenagers and young adults everywhere. This trilogy follows the life of a young girl, Tris, as she makes life changing decisions to leave her parents, home and birth faction to join the controversial Dauntless faction. Along the way there are stories of war, decisions that affect all of humanity and a love interest that helps readers to understand Tris’ personal side. Two books from this trilogy have been released to date, Divergent and Insurgent. Divergent focuses more on Tris’ decision to leave her family and the process of selecting a factor that all teens must undergo in this post-apocalyptic society. It also allows the reader to discover Tris’ anomaly that makes her decision between five factors that much more difficult and means she might truly not fit in anywhere at all. Continue reading The Merits of the Divergent Trilogy