Pool, Spas, Fountains, and Fun!

The Treasure at Tampines in Singapore has so many added facilities that it makes it a obvious choice to go. However, with so many things to do to help you have fun and relax, with the many gardens, chill spots, and fitness locations on the property it might be hard to focus on just one aspect of the condos. Today, we will be focusing on the relaxing and fun pools and spas.

The Treasure at Tampines have twenty-five different water focused activities from lounging pool side to water slides for the whole family. With so many things to do, everyone in the family will have something to love about the pool areas! One of the most popular areas is the family pool area. Here, you and your family can play in the water in a kid friendly area or lounge poolside and relax while your family has fun. It’s a great area for parents and kids alike.

Another aspect of the condos that is popular is the water slide pools. The Treasure at Tampines has two of them, the Ocean Slide Pool and the Floral Slide Pool. Both of them are great experiences and fun for everyone. The Ocean Slide Pool is a little more wavy and mimics the ocean waves on your way down, where the Floral Slide Pool gives a more relaxing and fun feel to your pool day fun.

If swimming isn’t your thing, there are plenty of spa and jet pools available in the area. Which is perfect for the adults who had shopped the local shops all day long and want to relax. With around five different spa pools, everyone who needs a relaxing break can find a jet or spa pool that is a perfect fit for them. Maybe getting in the warm spa water doesn’t relax you? Well if that is the cast, don’t worry since another fantastic feature of the condos is the water courtyards. Sit back and relax as the water dances up and down around you!

No matter what kind of water fun you are looking for, the Treasure at Tampines has you covered. From pool wading or splashing to a fitness lap pool or even just your tradition pool fun, you can find it at the condos. I am sure you’d have a great time no matter which area you visit!