Remodeling the Bathroom Before We Moved in

I liked everything about the new house we were moving into other than the master bathroom. I would have thought that would be the bathroom that had the luxuries rather than the two other bathrooms in our house, but it looked as if the design was an afterthought to the former homeowners. I considered myself lucky though since that was the only room I wanted to redo. I had a contractor who was able to do what I wanted, and he showed me a company that sells and installs shower doors in NJ to get the doors that I wanted.

The bathroom was actually quite large, so I was able to have a garden tub put in. I also wanted a shower for those days where I did not have time to just soak and enjoy my private time. He had told me that if I wanted to have standard doors put on, he could do that. If I wanted something a bit more custom, then he could do all of the work other than the shower doors. He had worked with another company many times though, and the shower door company came highly recommended from his own experiences of working with them on bath projects.

I went to their website so I could look at the different styles they offer. I really like the etched glass design on one in particular, and I knew that it was the one I was going to go with. When I called and told them the contractor I was working with, they remembered him quite well from the other work they had done together. They were able to coordinate with him on the scheduling, and my bathroom was done before we even moved in. It looks pretty amazing, and I am glad that I had it done before the move!