She Needs a Fresh Start Too

I thought that I was only interested in one bedroom apartments in Edina but that was just until I saw that I would easily be able to afford a two bedroom at one of the nicer apartment complexes. I had looked at quite a few different ones, but the ones at Cedars of Edina are definitely the nicest ones of the ones I looked at. There are two reasons I decided to get the two bedroom unit. The first is because it comes with two bathrooms. That means that I will have my very own private bathroom that I don’t have to let guests use.

The second reason is because my sister visits me a lot. She is dating a guy that we have all tried to convince her is wrong for her, and she is slowly finding out. He has a lot of anger issues, and she takes refuge with me when that side of him comes out. She was sleeping on my couch before because I just had a one bedroom apartment at my last place. Here, she will have her own bedroom. I know that she will continue to go back to him, but I am really hoping that one time she doesn’t. On that day, that bedroom will be hers until she gets back on her feet.

The layout of the apartment is really nice too. Our two bedrooms are next to each other, and her bathroom, which doubles as the guest bathroom, is just right outside her bedroom door. There is a kitchen island between the bedrooms and the living and dining areas of the apartment. On the other side of the living room is a balcony that is the full length of the living room. This is such a nice place, and I am hoping that it is just what my sister needs to have a fresh start.