Started Looking for a New Place in Fort Worth

We are looking for a place in the area West of Fort Worth. In fact I would sort of like it if I could get a place close to my favorite fishing lakes. I have a new job in the Area West Southwest of the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. I have started to check out the details on different places, like doing the research at to figure out who the power company options are in the various places that we are considering. We have started to look at half a dozen different locations and tried to figure out which one is the best option for us. A couple of them are obviously pipe dreams, but we talked to the people on the chance that they might give us a price we can meet. It does not hurt you to take a shot. The worst thing that can happen is that they laugh in your face and tell you that they want more than you want to pay.

We are looking at a couple of fairly nice places, but they do not seem like good bets for us. It seems like they will be too long of a stretch for us right now. The down payment would be pretty rough for us to come up with in any reasonable time. The better option seems to be for us to take on a project that needs fixing up. You have to think about that sort of thing very carefully, because you are going to have to get the math of it right. You take on something like this because the out of pocket money is something that you can afford, but the bottom line might not be quite as good. Of course it could turn out like that movie the Money Pit.