The First of Many Parties

I did a search for UK corporate event entertainment ideas when I decided to throw a big party for the people who work for me. Most of them had been with me from the start, which was just four years ago, and they had helped me make the business what it is today. They are generously compensated, but I just felt that it was time for all of us to just have a fun evening where we could just indulge in a bit of luxury entertainment. I was not sure what I wanted, but I knew that something would click with me as soon as I saw the right thing.

I was not wrong, either! I I found a company that has so many different entertainment options that all sounded fabulous. I knew that my problem would not be finding the right entertainment, but having to choose between so many perfect options. I had fun just looking at everything that I could bring to this party, and I finally decided on a few different things. One thing we all enjoy doing here at work is laughing together because we are a tight knit group.

Because of this, I knew that everyone would enjoy having a comic there to entertain us. I was able to watch some videos of different ones, and the choice was easy to make as soon as I saw one that had me laughing in the first 20 seconds of the video. I also got two singers that are able to sing current songs as well as some throwback ones that I knew we would all like too. Finally, I got a caricature artist because I wanted everyone to be able to take something home from this, other than memories. It was such a fun night that we are going to make this an annual tradition now!