The Marriage at the Start

I met my wife many years ago while I was in vacation in Florida. We met at the beach when we were swimming in the ocean. I swam into her by accident and we had a conversation. Since then, we became friends and then moved into a long distance relationship when I went back home. Sometimes she would come to see me, and I would come to see her. Once we got married, I made the decision to move to into one of the Brandon FL apartments with her so that we could start our new lives as husband and wife.

The first year of our marriage was fine for a few months, but as we settled in, we started to go through the same things that most married couples experience. We had our small arguements, but they always ended with up making up. I think I annoy my wife more than she does to me. It’s funny to me, because what I’m doing doesn’t seem that annoying, but I guess that’s because we have different ways of thinking. It’s that difference that makes us so compatible. If we both thought the same way about things, our marriage would not be any fun at all, because we would just be the same person. Just last week, my wife and I went out for dinner to an expensive restaurant because we hadn’t done it in a while, and I really realized how much I love her. She was looking absoultely stunning that day, and we were having such a great conversation. It was just like the day that we met for the first time on the beach. I think as the years go on, we’re going to get closer and closer and our marriage will be so solid that nothing will be able to tear us apart.