The Reason I See a Chiropractor

I love everything about football. I started watching it before I even understood the rules, mainly because my dad and uncles have been fans since they were young kids too. Our team is the Patriots, and Tom Brady is just an amazing athlete. His athleticism is unmatched in my opinion, and I use him as a role model for how I approach life too. One of the reasons why he is such a great football player is because he does what needs to be done, which is why I see a Santa Barbara chiropractor right now.

I might be getting ahead of myself though. Brady follows a strict diet and he exercises daily with trainers too. Those two things are just a given for an athlete, or at least the ones who take their trade seriously like Brady does. But, he also sees a chiropractor on a regular basis too. He understands that he puts his body through an enormous amount of abuse, and he has talked at lengths about his chiropractic experiences. He feels he has an advantage on the field because of how good he feels after his chiropractic visits.

It was those words that made me want to seek out chiropractic care for myself too. I know I will never reach the athletic status of Brady, but that does not mean I cannot make my own life better by following tips that make him a better player. I explained to my chiropractor why I wanted to include him on my medical team, and he agreed that it was a smart move. He explained that people will get out of their bodies what they put into them, as far as care is concerned. He proved those words to be true when I noticed how much better I was feeling after just a few adjustments. I might not be good like Brady, but I am doing pretty great at being myself!