This Guy Tried to Jump Me

I knew that the ex-boyfriend was a jerk, but of course this is a girl who wanted to go out with me and she met all of the parameters for girls that I want to go out with. She was pretty and she had a job, which is a good thing since it means she will not be trying to borrow money. It ended up with me seeing a chiropractor in San Jose, but that is not the end of the story. Of course I like that she had her own place, although she shared it with another girl. At any rate I went out with her about three or four times and things were going fairly well, although not as well as I might have liked. It was pretty obvious that she was in no big hurry to get into a new relationship and that was because the last one had ended in a lot of acrimony. In fact I found out that she was packing this little semiautomatic pistol because she seemed to be afraid of the ex.

It was a good thing for me that I realized that there was someone behind me. The guy was waiting for me near my car, hiding behind the dumpsters. He started to run at me and I dodged him the first time, but I did it by jumping over the roof of my car and I did not manage the end of that so well. At any rate the fight itself never really came to pass. There were some other guys there, apparently they had been sitting in a car drinking. One of them knew this guy and he started shouting at him about how big a jerk he was. It was pretty clear that he did not like that guy and this was a big guy.