We Hired Someone Who Will Help Us Due to Being Treated Unfairly

My husband was driving the two of us to our favorite restaurant for a dinner that we were both very much looking forward to. We had a rough couple of weeks with work, and we simply wanted some good food and some relaxation. The police pulled us over on the way there. They noticed that my husband had some unpaid tickets and began hassling him. Soon, they got rough. I pulled out my camera to record the situation, and that’s when the police turned on me. My first thought was that we were going to need criminal solicitors in Sydney when this was all over.

I had seen articles on the Internet about police harassing people who film them. I did not see them often, but enough so that I knew that there was a problem with it. I had even seen videos of police officers who do not take kindly to being recorded and the video showed the horrible and unprofessional behavior of the officer on the recording. When I pulled my camera out that night, it was to make sure that I had evidence that my husband did not deserve to be roughed up. And it made no sense to me to have people wearing in law enforcement uniforms who are paid and trained to uphold the law and be fair, viewed me recording them as anything but that.

As a result of that night, both my husband and I were arrested. I had never even had a traffic ticket, much less be arrested prior to this night. I’m the person who stops at every red light and stop sign at all times. But I employed a really good attorney who will be representing both my husband and me when we go to court next week. We feel very comfortable that the charges will be fully dismissed.