We Need Help Getting a Lot of Things Done Now

My husband and I have always been really hard works. Neither one of us have ever been afraid of a little hard work and getting our hands dirty. But as senior citizens, we find that we just cannot do all the things that we used to do. We needed to call to get some help with Montreal snow removal a few weeks ago, and that has turned out pretty well for us. My husband used to really enjoy doing it himself. He always said that it was his meditation time. He would go out early in the morning to start clearing the driveway and then would clear a path all the way up to our front door. But this and many more things have just become too much for him to do.

We owned a warehouse business for 35 years. We both managed the business together. Neither one of us ever just stood back and let our employees do all the hard work themselves. While we both needed to spend a lot of time on administration work to keep the business going, we both took a lot of pride in working in the warehouse with our employees. This really helped us how to figure out how to streamline things and save money as well. Our employees were always surprised to see us helping out, and I think it helped them to put their trust in us, too. We have since retired, but we both miss it.

It has only been the last five years or so that we both noticed that we are slowing down. We see that we both want to jump in and do a lot of things mentally, but the issue is physically. Doing a lot of physical labor just tires us out so much more now. I know that older people can have heart attacks from shoveling snow in the winter, we are happy to let a younger person do it for us.