We Needed Inexpensive Help for My Husband

Because my husband and I do not have health insurance, we are careful to try to keep ourselves out of trouble. However, despite how careful we are, someone slammed into my husband’s car when he was coming home one night after work. He ended up getting some much-needed help thanks to a Mesa chiropractor we learned about. It was far less expensive to get chiropractic treatment vs. treatment from a general doctor. We’re grateful the less expensive option exists.

The guy who hit my husband’s car did not have car insurance. So that was a problem right there, and the fact that my husband doesn’t have health insurance didn’t help matters either. He did go to the emergency room the night of the accident to be checked out, but the bill that we received from the emergency room was quite large. Because of this, we had very little money leftover for him to go see a variety of other doctors. This meant that he suffered with back pain after the accident for several weeks.

A family member told me that suffering was not necessary, and that my husband should go see her chiropractor. I was pleased to see that the bills to see the chiropractor three different times cost less than the cost for just one visit to the nearby medical clinic where my husband and I sometimes go when we are sick. This meant that my hubby was able to get better much more quickly. This was a big relief for us. We may not be able to afford the cost of health insurance for the two of us, but it is really nice to know that help is available at an affordable cost for someone like us. My husband said that he has no pain at all anymore these days.