We Will Go Have Our Nails Done Again

When my daughter asked me if she could get a manicure and pedicure for her 16th birthday, I figured why not. I had never been to a nail salon, and I knew she had only been to one when she was much younger since she was the flower girl in a summer wedding. I always have my nails painted, but I just do it at home on my own. I don’t do anything fancy with them, and I thought that it would be fun for the two of us to get this done together. What made it even more special is that she is the one who asked me if I would do this with her.

We both went online and looked at a few nail salons in the area. She is the one who picked the one that we went to, but I definitely was in agreement after seeing some of the pictures of the different nail jobs they have done there in the past. I knew that I was going to get just a basic job done, but I was looking forward to having my toenails done too since I had never done them myself.

My daughter wanted something a bit more on the wild side, and I truly mean that. She came across one picture on their website where it depicted some wild animals on someone’s nails. She liked that some of the nails were just done in an animal pattern, while others actually depicted a lion, a monkey and an elephant. My daughter absolutely loves animals, and I knew that design would look cute on her. She pleaded with me to get at least one of my nails done in an offbeat way too, so we both got an elephant nail done that day. We will definitely go back there!